Potential as a Glance

In the continuation of company's phase; there are few domains in high demand. Yes! demands like hot cakes.

School Management Solution

plain-about Education is playing as a dynamic and life line type role for a country. And to manage educational Phenomenon School, Collage and Educational Institution is very essential. As the education and the eagerness of education is growing class, subject, etc classification is increasing as per need. To manage all the part of educational background like student, teacher, subject, routine, class, section etc a technical backbone required and the School Management Solution is the best solution for this. Yes! By the robust and advanced features will make any institutional official work easy and smooth. That will really help to work with proper accuracy and also does matter for profit.


  • Class management
  • Fees Calculation and Receipt printing
  • Newsletter and Result Declaration
  • Dynamic Curriculum Galleries
  • Student Info tracking
  • Meeting management
  • Parents Management
  • Notifications with Email and sms
  • Notifications with Email and sms
  • School Inventory and Expense management
  • Staff Payroll System
  • Provide Online Place for School Management Speak
  • All type of interface Like online, mobile , desktop, online with centralized data
  • School social media page integration
  • ID card generation and printing System
  • Staff Management
  • Meaning and needed reports with all popular export and import format

Mineral Water Software Solution

plain-about Our Mineral Water Software Provide Robust and Dynamic Solution for managing, administrating and operating Drinking/mineral water plant and supply chain. Our motto is to provide user friendly and featured software solution with minimum system requirement in reasonable price. We provide solution for big and small company with online and Offline facility as per client needed to work.

This is the tool by which a packages water supplier can manage its work from raw material purchasing to Items delivery. Yes! Account, Stock Management, Purchase and Sale Bill and much more.


  • Product (Jar/bottle/Caps/Label etc) Management
  • Vehicle / Transport Management
  • Staff Payroll Management
  • Casual Billing
  • Casual Billing
  • Stock Management
  • Customer Management
  • Invoice management
  • Inventory Control
  • Meaning and needed reports with all popular export and import format

eCommerce Solution

plain-about Today online shopping is major platform to buy anything easily as your door steps and this market is boosting your business dynamically worldwide with less effort. We offer E-Commerce Portal with lot of unique and user friendly feature in Personalize, attractive, dynamic design according to your business actual requirement. In this type portal we offer strong, integrated, platform independent and dynamic content management portal with payment gateway integration. Our highly experienced team provides this portal in very limited time duration with admin, affiliate, and member or user panel.

Affiliate seller facility will also be provided on client demand.

  • Cart System
  • Seller Management
  • Offer and Discount Management
  • Today Top pick
  • Dynamic product management
  • Billing management
  • Stock Management
  • Track Pick and Delivery Dispatch
  • Payment Integration
  • Mailing and SMS Notification
  • Meaning and needed reports with all popular export and import format

Online Examination and Training Solution

plain-about Online Examination and training solution is our one of innovative and robust domain where we offer you to provide your study material in many digital format with Scheduled Exam in simple way which helps your student To easily access your content across the world on any digital platform like mobile, laptop and tablet. Institution / Organization can publish any news and updates and also capable to help any entrance / competitive exam.

Portal is capable to publish selected question sheet including the selected options that will be cause of a perticular student result. Easy to access and control.


  • Dynamic Study material management
  • User or Class Based Study material distribution
  • News Letter or Reminder
  • SMS Integration
  • Exam Scheduling
  • Student Exam Tracking
  • Marks calculation
  • Online certificate generate system
  • Notify Student by SMS and Email
  • Staff Payroll System
  • Question Bank management
  • Online Payment Integration and Tracking
  • Offline Payment Tracking
  • Meaning and needed reports with all popular export and import format

CA OFFICE Solution

plain-about Our one of proud full Application is CA Office which is providing business solution mainly to Chartered Accounts Firm, Company Secretary ,Tax Consultant, Professional, Business Consultant for manage and track information his/her client .we provide both the offline and online interface with meaningful reporting and dynamic printing reports. In this domain we well know the importance of information accuracy and reliability that could be handled for multi client and staff.

By this tool a CA Firm or a consultant can proceed its work with less effort and with a good accuracy.


  • Multitier Architecture
  • Company Growth Chart
  • Promoter management
  • Tax and Performance Management
  • Flexible report and printing
  • Event and Meeting Tracking
  • Company Asset Tracking
  • User management
  • Offline and Online Interface for suitable
  • Company Management
  • Group of Company Management
  • Meaning and needed reports with all popular export and import format

Inventory Solution

plain-about Understandable, Flexible, Robust, these three are pioneers which are defining our inventory Solution. We believe in simplicity and offer for all type of user no matter you familiar with account keyword. Our solution is Cover all of your business transactions for small level or broad level multi retail chain with offline and online interface. Our solution is provide you access your valuable data with any platform like laptop, mobile, tablet etc

This tool is really preferable for those who want to manage their stock, items, accounts etc for their business with no tention.


  • Product and Category Management
  • Stock Reminder
  • Stock maintenance
  • Client Notification
  • Billing Management
  • Invoice Management
  • Party management
  • Sell Purchase Management
  • Purchase and Sell return with Stock Roll Back
  • Custom feature according to your requirement
  • Flexible report with meaningful data according to your business
  • Invoice Management
  • User Access and Maintenance
  • Record tracking
  • Sell and Purchase Graph
  • Meaning and needed reports with all popular export and import format